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Second Round!

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late! I had finals week a bit earlier than most, but now that I'm done, I'll hopefully stay on schedule!
Just so you know, most of my drabbles for the Holidays take place in a happy Jenny Lives Season Three AU type-thing. I'll note it here if a certain one doesn't - this time, "Angel" takes place in "Amends" as it was.
Happy Holidays, guys!
Disclaimer: IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. Okay, yeah, it's Joss'.

Candy Canes

                The two of them were perched on a metal bench in one of Sunnydale’s parks, leaning gently into each other. The night was a not-exactly-frosty fifty degrees, so their closeness may not have been strictly necessary, though the thought certainly never occurred to them.

                Their date had been interrupted when a vampire had leapt out at them from behind a dumpster as they were walking back from the movies (after seeing some horribly sappy Christmas film), but Jenny had managed to stake it with a decorative wooden candy cane while Giles wrestled it to the ground.

And now they sat side by side, wondering at the strangeness and sweetness of their lives.

Christmas Tree

                “It is just like Xander,” Jenny commented, pulling pine needles form her hair, “to pick out an angry dryad as a Christmas tree.”

                “I still don’t understand how he failed to notice it was one when he bought it.” Giles put in drily as he attempted to scrub a stubborn patch of pine sap off of his glasses.

                “Hey, this is Xander we’re talking about, remember?”

                He sighed. “Good point. Nevertheless, I think that I may just buy an artificial tree instead this year.”

                And Jenny nodded in wholehearted agreement as she linked her arm with his.


Things get a bit worse when he puts two and two together and realizes just what form The First must have taken to send Angel reeling from his house.

Hers, of course.

He wonders, achingly, what she looked like to him, which face she showed and which script she read. Did she play the part of a bright and happy young woman, full of hope, heart, and spirit with her whole life ahead of her? Or a bitter shadow of that one, coldly intent on revenge?

He knows he would give anything to see either, even as a cruel illusion.


                “I told you that you shouldn’t have let me cook Christmas Dinner.”
                “Dear, I love you, but I honestly wouldn’t have allowed you to set foot in your own kitchen  if I had known that this would be the result.”
                Giles and Jenny surveyed the sludgy pumpkin pie, half-raw and half-charred turkey, and the cranberry sauce that had been fried into a black paste at the bottom of the pan with deep dismay.
                “We could always go grab Mexican,” Jenny suggested at last, and Giles’ frown melted into a fond grin.
                Somehow, they ended up going to Sunnydale’s little Mexican place every Christmas after that.


                When Giles walked blearily out of his office after pulling an all-nighter hunting through dozens of tomes for information about Amite Demons, he was quite surprised to see something sparkling out of the corner of his eye. When he turned around to confront the object, he was even less prepared for the sight that greeted him: somebody had stung the railings of the library’s upper portion with tinsel.

                And the next day, a certain computer science teacher was found giggling with a hand clamped over her mouth as she looked happily about at the same shimmering decorations that had been wound around the computers in her classroom. 

Ice Skating

                Giles had been quite surprised when Buffy had not only showed an aptitude for ice skating, but had also decided to join Sunnydale High’s Varsity Hockey Team.

                To be fair, she was quite good at it. And Jenny seemed to enjoy watching her beat every disbelieving boy on the ice to a bloody pulp.

                “How’s this for ‘virility,’ England?” she cheered as Buffy swept yet another player off of his feet to a heavy and rather painful-looking landing on the frozen rink.

                “It’s, uh, very nice,” he replied lamely, and winced as his Slayer threw another boy headfirst into the wall.


                Jenny was incredibly, unbearably, and very adorably thrilled when they received just the tiniest dusting of frost early one morning. She took it as her responsibility to come to his office and inform him of this as soon as she had a moment to do so, bounding into the library and singing something about a white Christmas (and Hanukah, as soon as she saw that Willow was also in the room).

                And, even though he had seen quite enough frost back home and was thoroughly tired of it, he began to wish for more of it just as hard as she was – because the look on her face was worth a million uncomfortable early-morning chills.

Author's Note: Again, happy Holidays! Also, if you caught the reference to their date in "Some Assembly Required" in "Ice Skating," then you win a sticker!


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Dec. 11th, 2012 11:11 am (UTC)
Yay, you put the next lot up! This is like the best advent calendar ever! <3<3<3
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